@AmarO_dog Collaboration

The @AmarO_dog collaboration features two common NFTs: one greyscale piece of art and a solid color “utility swatch.” Blend them to form a full color version. Blend all three to redeem a limited edition glimmering black version.

@AmarO_Dog Collaboration


Learn more about @AmarO_dog and their amazing piece featured in this collaboration.


Please introduce yourself to our readers:

Hello everyone, I´m Amaro, 35 years young, Portuguese Artist, who fell in love by art since a kid. Always been passion about, drawing, shapes, painting and esculture. Finished my Art degree 13 years ago, and I´ve been creating since then.
From street artist, to make some exclusive jobs, educational books, and companies marketing. Last year I found the NFT Space, and allow me now, to show my work worldwide.

What was the inspiration for this piece?

I like to mix styles, I can do from painting, to illustration or animation. Really depends on how I feel that day.
Almost all my work before NFTs, was specifically requested, and I always felt limited on my creations, that´s one more plus in the NFT Space, freedom.

How long have you been creating in the digital realm? b

I start to create digital around 10 years ago. But hand drawing will always be my first love.

Can you tell us about your workflow (what equipment and software do you use to create)?

My process of work depends on what kind of piece, but most of times, I like to start with free drawing. I don´t use any AI.
I normally go for Adobe, Sketch and Gimp. I try to keep it simple and with a related lines. I want the ART to speak for itself.

Who are your artistic influences?

I have so many people that inspired me, with their ART and life story. Corben, Blake, Miyazaki, Van Gogh, Dali.. so many great minds!

What got you interested in NFTs/Crypto Art/Digital Collectibles?

What fascinates me in the NFT / Crypto Space is the freedom that anyone can explore. For an artist being able to show his work worldwide almost for Free, is something unthinkable years ago. Brings opportunities to both creators and collectors to interact no matter where they are. That´s beautiful

Where can we find you online (Twitter, website, Instagram, OpenSea, Rarible, etc?)

If you interested in follow my your and find more about me, feel free to say hello

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