@ArtsOfClarkE Collaboration

The @ArtsOfClarkE collaboration features two common NFTs: one greyscale piece of art and a solid color “utility swatch.” Blend them to form a rare, full color version. Blend all three to redeem an even rarer black label version.

@ArtsOfClarkE Collaboration


Learn more about @ArtsOfClarkE and their amazing piece featured in this collaboration.


Hola! I’m Eneida Clark – New York City native now residing in the New England portion of the US.  I’m the artist behind “Pets of” and Art of Clark. 

I’m a big geek. Comics, movies, video games – love it. When I was younger I would recreate  X-Men comics featuring my dolls as superheroes. “Pets of” is similar to my comics of old – to take different genres/pop culture and associate them to my passion of pets. All pets featured on the “Pets of” series are either mine, or pets of family/friends which gives it a neat personal touch. Art of Clark is the spookier side of things – weird dolls and all things eccentric.

This particular piece features the main star of “Pets of”, my papillon River Song. Since it’s my favorite time of year (Halloween woo!) I decided to depict her in a haunted forest just being her fabulous self.

I use Procreate for the majority of my work and Photoshop for my animated pieces.

I’d say my artistic influences are from the late 90’s to early 2000’s Cartoon Network shows like Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory. Bright colors and an odd cast of characters.  I started creating around 2019. My husband is a collector so he was a huge help in guiding me and getting me involved with the space.

I can be reached via twitter https://twitter.com/ArtsOfClarkE or on discord at The House of the Horde  https://discord.gg/7uU7nJ5fTn. My website https://artofclark.io is under construction but should be finished soon.

I just want to thank you for this opportunity and I hope everyone enjoys “Pets of” and  Art of Clark. The blockchain has provided an opportunity to distribute my work to an audience that I would not have reached otherwise. It’s an amazing opportunity to reach other artists/collectors worldwide. The community has been so awesome and supportive and I’m just honored to be a part of it!

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