@CryptoSwatches Original

“How It Started” is an original piece issued by @cryptoswatches founder Mike Macfadden (@mjmacfadden). Blend three commons to redeam the limted edition glimmering black version.

“How It Started” Original


Learn more about CryptoSwatch founder @mjmacfadden and his original piece titled “How It Started.”


How It Started:

It seems hard to believe that only one year has gone by since I minted my first NFT under the “cryptoswatch” collection on the WAX blockchain. Who would have guessed back in March of 2021, that those incredibly simple, solid color swatches would evolve into what the project has become—a collaborative platform that showcases indie NFT projects and artists from all over the world with 9,000 followers on Twitter (and counting)?

When I first tweeted about the project, from my personal Twitter account, I was shocked that anyone even noticed. So you can imagine my surprise when in under 24 hours all 100 NFTs had been claimed. Keep in mind this was before I even knew that programmatic drops existed, so I had to manually transfer each NFT from Atomic Hub one at a time.

To commemorate this amazing, and in many ways life changing, year, I have tokenized the original tweet (featured below) as a cryptoswatch. Own a little piece of history from this corner of web3 by minting your own, and if you’ve been with us from the beginning, you might want to blend your way towards an ultra rare, glimmering black version.

And One More Thing:

If you’d like to truly own the original tweet, a one of one version is available for sale on Cent at: v.cent.co/tweet/1366498912522100744 for $10,000,000 USD. Shoot your shot, right?


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