“Physicality is a Bug”

“Physicality is a Bug” is an original piece of art issued by @cryptoswatches founder Mike Macfadden (@mjmacfadden). Blend three common versions of this NFT to obtain a limitted edition glimmering black version.

“Physicality is a Bug” Original


Learn more about CryptoSwatch founder @mjmacfadden and his original piece titled “Physicality is a Bug.”


About This Piece:

This piece takes inspiration from a number of sources. The quote itself is derived from a longer statement by Tyler Winklevoss in an Esquire article that I read when I was first diving into the rabbit hole that is the NFT space. The original paragraph reads:

The fact that you can’t hang the art on the wall is beside the point, they contend. “Physicality is a bug, not a feature,” says Tyler. “There was no scarcity in ones and zeroes until you enter with the blockchain.”

I loved (and still love) the idea that what the uninitiated feel is one of the biggest problems with NFTs is in actuality one of its greatest strengths.

Stylistically, I tried to channel the muted tones and simple color schemes of the street art of Banksy. I also drew from the work of Heath Killen’s alternative poster series.

I created the typographic elements of this piece using an iPad and Apple Pencil with the application Procreate and did post processing in Photoshop’s Camera Raw editor.

If you’d like to learn more about my design process, collaborate on a future project, or simply just chat, hit me up on Twitter @mjmacfadden.


The asset used in this design comea from the open source library linked below:

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